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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far in advance can I book?
    3 months from present date online with any service. 1-2 years in advance for Bridal bookings. (Please use the contact form to enquire)
  • When is the cut off time for bookings?
    There is a 12 hour timeframe period when booking an appointment before it becomes unavailable. For eg: If it’s 11pm, you will only be able to book from 11am the next day. (No earlier times will be displayed).
  • How much deposit is needed to secure my booking?
    Makeup bookings 50% Brow services 50% Lash services 50% Stretch Mark removal $200 deposit
  • Can I show you inspo pics of a look I like to achieve?
    Yes. Have at least 1 photo of inspiration ready so we have plenty of time to glam you up.
  • Do you have Eftpos?
    Yes! Please note, Eftpos payment incurs a 1.9% surcharge fee. Cash is also accepted.
  • Can I bring photos of inspiration?
    Of course you can! Whatever it may be Makeup or Brow related, Brooke recommends to bring at least 1 photo of inspiration. This will allow Brooke to understand what look you are after so she can deliver the best result possible.
  • What time should I arrive to my appointment?
    Arrive on time! Not early OR late as this is a home salon with no waiting room. All appointments are scheduled back to back. (A $20 surcharge fee will apply if you are 10 minutes late)
  • Where do I park?
    There is FREE parking across the road, however it may be busier than usual on weekends. Be sure to arrive 5 mins early to ensure you find a parking spot.
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    Unfortunately, due to the current COVID rules we kindly ask for you to arrive to your appointments alone. No guest can attend with you, sorry!
  • Phones OFF please!
    Brooke can’t create a flawless makeup look when your head is constantly looking down! As an artist, Brooke steps away to look at the symmetry of the face when products are applied. She cannot see if things are in proportion if you are looking at your phone. Please be respectful, thank you!
  • Do you offer mobile services for makeup?
    Yes, but only for bridal parties or groups of 5 or more. (Subject to change on weekdays) A call out and packing fee will be charged accordingly.
  • Do you offer hair services?
    No, sorry I do not offer hair services.
  • Should I get my hair or makeup done first?
    It’s totally up to you! Brooke suggests if you have a fringe or hair styled over your face then get your makeup done first, otherwise she can easily work around it.
  • What makeup brands do you use?
    I use a variety of high end quality products including: - Marc Jacobs - YSL - Huda Beauty - Anastasia Beverly Hills - Mac - Benefit - Melissa Sassine cosmetics - Two faced - B Perfect Cosmetics - Plouise ......and many more!
  • What is it?
    This procedure is a more natural way to help treat any type of stretch mark including red, purple and white as well as deep stretch marks. Using an ink-less tattoo gun, a mixture of serums, organic oils and vitamins are used to improve cellular turnover, reconstruction and rejuvenation of Fibroblast cells, collagen and Elastin. This treatment is aimed at making stretch marks less noticeable. Nothing will be able to completely get rid of them.
  • How long are the treatments and how long do they take?
    Typically, a session lasts between 1-2 hours. However, depends on the affected area. Usually it takes several treatments to achieve desired results.
  • Who should avoid the treatment?
    -Pregnant or lactating women -Those prone to keloid scarring -Those with transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis. - Active skin Cancer on the treated area
  • Why Stretch Mark Removal this treatment better than Laser removal?
    Laser treatments work on stretch marks by damaging the skins outer layer and forcing it to heal itself. This is similar to the current treatment offered in salon however, without the pain, downtime and price tag! Laser treatments may cost up to $1,000 to $3000 per session and can end up costing over $10,000 overall. The downtime for laser is much more severe than this technique and doesn’t take weeks to heal. Most clients report “it actually tickles” or “feels like a gentle scratching”.
  • What to expect before and after treatment?
    It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing for your appointment. The area treated will be red, raised and inflamed immediately after the procedure. This is completely normal and will take a few days to subside. Minor itchiness can be relieved by applying Aquaphor (petroleum) on the area.
  • Makeup related - How should I prepare my face?
    Arrive with a clean and moisturised face (NO makeup please). Avoid face oils as this can affect the application and longevity of makeup products. (A $10 fee will apply if you arrive with makeup on)
  • Brow related - Who can’t get brow lamination?
    Any one who is/has; -Pregnant or breast feeding due to elevated sensitivity caused by hormones produced during/ after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Elevated sensitivity can trigger reactions and inconsistent results. -Taking Accutane or (acne prescription medications/creams) -Sunburnt or broken skin -Psoriasis/Eczema -Recent eye surgery (must be healed by 3 months) -Alopecia -Recent brow tattoo procedure (must be healed by 6 weeks) -Ultra-senstive skin -Blood thinners -Pink eye
  • What to avoid prior a brow wax/lamination?
    No chemical peels or retinol for 4 weeks prior. Discontinue use of exfoliants (AHAs, BHAs), glycolic, salicylic, lactic acids at least 2 weeks before your brow appointment. This may cause an adverse skin reaction if you continue to use them. A patch test is recommended 24-48hrs before your appointment if its your first time, if its been 6 months since your last treatment or medical circumstances have changed.
  • Lash Lift related - I’m pregnant, can I get a lash lift?"
    Yes, pregnant women can receive a lash lift. However, the procedure may take longer as more sebum is produced due to hormonal changes, making it harder for solutions to penetrate.
  • Lash Lift related - Can I get a lash lift after I removed my lash extensions?
    Depending on the quality of the lash hairs left, a lash lift may be performed. Only if there are no signs of bald patches. You are welcome to send an image of the current state of your lashes if you are unsure.
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  • Do I need a Bridal Trial?
    It is not compulsory but is recommended! A trial allows us to see how well the makeup lasts and if there needs to be any corrections made. It also gives you an option to change the look before your big day. 2-3 months before your wedding is an ideal time.
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