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Brooke Ann Makeup & Beauty (formerly known as Brooke Ann Makeup) was created in 2016.


The home based salon is located in Waterside Estate, Cranebrook, Sydney, Australia.

Brooke has always had a passion for makeup and all things beauty from a young age. She was particularly inspired by Melissa Sassine Makeup and received a qualification through her academy. Brooke continues to further expand her skills and knowledge by completing numerous training courses every year, allowing her to keep up with the latest trends. She aims to offer a high-quality service by only using the best quality products for her clients. Brooke is known for her perfectionism and this has lead her to excel in the makeup industry, particularly in bridal, formals and events. Her main goal is to create a look that enhances her clients features, not change them.

Brooke has decided to expand her business and include Brow and lash services as well as stretch mark removal treatment. She has received multiple qualifications for all these services and has been requested on many occasions to introduce them in the salon. Brooke’s attention to detail and symmetry is unlike no other! She is very particular with eyebrow shaping and has gone as far as completing an extra 6 brow courses from around the world to ensure she delivers the perfect brow every time.

Brooke has always has an interest in lash lifting and has recently learnt how to create a unique lash lift from her trainer in Canada. These techniques are not yet widely known in Australia, making Brooke a unique Lash Lift Master! Her lash lifting service provides a complimentary keratin treatment to ensure lash health is the number one priority.

After sourcing out treatments for herself, Brooke decided to offer a (non-laser) stretch mark removal treatment in salon. Many treatments in Australia only offer laser removal, however Brooke has learnt a non-invasive way to fade stretch marks from her trainer in California. There is no down-time with this procedure and it can be performed on anyone who is wanting to improve the appearance of stretch marks and gain their confidence back.

Brooke Ann

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